Cat Tale - Earphone Jack ~ Calico

Cat Tale - Earphone Jack ~ Calico

(ネコ下半身イヤホンジャック 【ミケ】)

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  • Earphone Jack Accessory
  • Material: resin


Product Description

An earphone jack accessory of short tale and legs of plump cat. The accessory can be used for iphone and smartphones as well. Also, it can be used for portable game consoles or music players.
It is made to be stuck to an earphone jack securely and so you won’t lose this item while using it.
This accessory can be used in various direction, so you can freely equip it!
Moreover, this is hand-made item, so you cannot buy it in other places.

  • You may not be able to use it when you use thick cases or covers.
  • You may not be able to use it when you use smartphone, which has cover on an earphone jack for waterproof sake.
  • The material of this accessory is a resin and so it is made to be strong. However, there are some cases that the part of its tale is snapped if too much power is on it. Please be careful.

Product Details

Brand : Mame Mame Kobo Himitsu Kichi
Estimated Weight : 100 g


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