"Lu.naque +H2" ~ Hydrogen Beauty Treatment Pack with an additional organic sea sponge ~ 40days

"Lu.naque +H2" ~ Hydrogen Beauty Treatment Pack with an additional organic sea sponge ~ 40days

(ボディケア用水素水生成プラス水素with天然海綿 セット 40日分)

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[Product Information]
  • Content: Magnesium hydroxide pellets x 5, Aluminum packs x 2
  • Adriatic Sea produced sea sponge x 1
  • Size L, 100 - 120mm
  • Package Size: W190 x D70 x H160 mm (PET case included)
  • Net Contents: 100g
  • Utility Model Registration 3201064
  • JAN Code 4573381230022


Product Description

Improve your skin troubles from your daily lifestyle!! For those of you concerned women constantly battling with stress, heal yourself and skin with hydrogen using "Lu.naque +H2" (with an additional organic sea sponge).
~Leave your house tomorrow feeling fresh with a bright smile after a D.I.Y. at-home beauty treatment pack~

Heal your skin with the Queen of sea sponges, also known as "the yellow silk of the sea", a soft organic sea sponge produced from the Adriatic Sea. By adding water to the pellet of "magnesium hydroxide", it simply, easily and surely supplies additional hydrogen molecules. One pack is enough to supply hydrogen for a long period of approximately four days. Inserting the hydrogen source into the sponge and adding hot water allows the thick hydrogen water to maintain inside the sponge, which can then be freely used by hand. This allows customers to take care of any areas in particular by directly patting the sponge to the skin: in other words, this product is an at-home hydrogen beauty treatment pack from head to toe.

From the concept that no women should be deprived of a comfortable lifestyle that puts a smile on her face, this product was developed so women can easily care for their body at home, in a most suitable environment to "simply relax" and "refresh themselves whenever".

Product Details

Brand : Lu.naque
Estimated Weight : 100 g
Dimensions : 19 cm × 7 cm × 16 cm


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