Toilet Cat - Smartphone holder ~ Calico

Toilet Cat - Smartphone holder ~ Calico


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  • Smartphone holder
  • Toilet Cat - Calico
  • Material: Plastic resin (The foundation is made of wood.)
  • Size: 10.5 cm for diameter, 9cm for height


Product Description

Plunger on the right hand and fish on the left hand.
This cat holds your smartphone ornately.
This cat gets a wash without any underwear.

This holder supports smartphones, iphones and mobile phones.
In addition to this, it holds some letters, postcards, photos, a memo pad and even paperbacks if the book is not too thick.
This holder support so various things, but there is a limit. (When the cat is not able to hold some objects, it acts pantomime with a feeling to hold the objects.)

It gives tiny comfort on your table.

Product Details

Brand : Mame Mame Kobo Himitsu Kichi
Estimated Weight : 200 g


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